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Cryogenic shrinking with liquid nitrogen

Cryogenic shrinking with liquid nitrogen

Cryogenic shrinking consists in creating a permanent interlocking connection between two metal elements.

How? Thanks to liquid nitrogen, with a temperature of -196 ° C, or to dry ice, with a temperature of -78.5 ° C, which by cooling the product cause a contraction of tenths of a millimeter, just enough to create the stable coupling between the two parts.
Returning to room temperature, the product expands, creating a coupling of maximum resistance, practically a single piece.

Applications: shafts, pins, coupled with gears, collars and similar components. Valve seats and valve guides, for example, can be fitted into cylinder heads, crankcase or gearbox.

Where the small size of an artifact does not allow sufficient contraction, the housing element is heated up to 200 ° C, causing it to expand and thus doubling the coupling tolerance margin.

To find out more: https://meccriosgroup.com/en/cold-fitting/

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