MEC Recupero CO2

CO2 Recovery System

During the production of dry ice, it is about 40% of liquid CO2 that passes to the solid state, while the remaining 60% about passes to the gaseous state. Thanks to the Recovery System it is possible to recover this gaseous CO2 and transform it into liquid CO2, to reuse it in the production cycle.
This system not only guarantees significant economic savings, but also better resource management, as it reduces waste and CO2 emissions in the environment.

Problems related to raw materials procurement and climate change are becoming increasingly evident, for this reason Meccrios engages daily in research and development of new eco-sustainable systems, destined not only for trade but also for its own production cycle.

The CO2 recovery system is compatible with pelletizers with a dry ice production capacity of 100/150 kg/h, therefore with models P100E and P150E.

The plant consists of:

  1. Cyclone cutting carbon dioxide snow from the discharge of the pelletizer
  2. Compressor to increase the pressure of gaseous CO2 from atmospheric pressure to 20 bar
  3. Filter to purify gaseous CO2
  4. Pre-cooler for gaseous CO2
  5. Closed cycle condenser to cool gaseous CO2
  6. Heat exchanger to liquefy gaseous CO2 and transform it into liquid CO2
  7. Non-return valve system for the automatic feeding of the pelletizer with liquid CO2 taken from the recovery system and the tank

Production from recovered liquid CO2: 250 kg/h

Compatible with 100-150 kg/h mechanical pelletizers

Installed power: 25-38 KW

Air cooling system

Tension: 400 V (3 PH + G + N)


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