What is the paint stripping process applied to?

In addition to being widely used in the industrial sector, cryogenic paint stripping is also applied to private users.

What can be used for home paint stripping?

The cryogenic paint stripping process is based on the high cooling rate of liquid nitrogen. After the treatment, the piece is perfectly clean, ready to be reused or treated again.

For private use, cryogenic paint stripping is used for:

❄︎ Cast iron / iron radiators

❄︎ Railings and iron gates

❄︎ Vintage wrought iron furniture

❄︎ Iron doors and windows

Recovery of motorcycles, even vintage cars and their accessories.

What are the advantages of paint stripping?

We guarantee that our process will not alter the shape or the structure of the support.
The cryogenic paint stripping method is particularly important from the point of view of environmental protection and waste disposal as it is completely ecological.


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