The system for the “sanitization and / or rejuvenation of Barriques” called Cryo-Barriques is an automatic system for the treatment of wooden barrels through the use of dry ice, for the complete sanitation of Brettanomyces and lactic bacteria and for rejuvenation by removing a thin layer of wood from the staves to give the wine a new roasting.

Cryo-Barriques is a soundproof cabin equipped with a system for the collection of the contaminant removed during the treatment and for the filtration of the process air to be re-emitted into the environment, as well as for the soundproofing of the process.

This system uses of two programmable reciprocators with 6 degrees of freedom plus the clamping of the barriques. The barrel is picked up by the gripper and transported automatically to all stages of the treatment, after which it is deposited at the end of the cycle. A device for projection of dry ice (blaster) through a nozzle allows the sanitization and / or rejuvenation of the barrel, always with an automatic and selectable cycle.

The various work cycles are programmable and selectable via PLC and managed by a touch screen panel, as well as the display of the entire work cycle and the synoptic. The box is transportable and palletized for easy use in the winery and on board the electrical power (400 V 50 Hz 1.5 KW) and dried compressed air (4.2 m3min at 6-7 bar) sockets are obtained.

The only manual operation is the insertion and withdrawal of the barrique from the gripper of the Cryo-Barriques box.


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