How does the CryoSan sanitization process take place?

CryoSan, that is the Cryo-Sanification from parasites through Carbon Dioxide, is able to sanitize industrial environments and machinery from parasites, their eggs, larvae and pupae.

Liquid CO2 after expansion produces carbon snow – dry ice –
which is deposited on the supports to be treated. During the expansion the
temperature drops to -78 ° C.
Parasites are eliminated by extreme cold, oxygen dilution due to CO2 gas (asphyxiation) and CO2 targeted toxicity on parasites.

What are the benefits of CO2 fumigation?

CO2 as a fumigation technique (i.e. sanitization) has many advantages, the most important are the following:

❄︎ is considered a sustainable pest control

❄︎ can be used in the BIO supply chain

❄︎ is an easy to apply sanitization


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