Heaters are devices that basically use electrical resistances that are used to heat CO2, carbon dioxide, or nitrogen to bring them to a certain temperature which is useful and indispensable for the application to be obtained. An example of application is in cryosandblasting: sometimes nitrogen, CO2 or compressed air are used as vectors and are heated to avoid condensation of the air humidity on the items to be treated; because the surface being dry ice -78 ° is cooled and then condenses the humidity of the air using the heated carrier gas (co2, nitrogen, compressed air) this phenomenon is avoided and therefore condensation on the treated surfaces is not carried out . Other applications in the public sector in the food sector rather than in the sector also of heat treatments on manufactured articles. The Criobox is used to lower the temperature, when instead it is necessary to raise it to produce a specific heating and cooling curve, the heater that heats the gas that goes inside the Criobox can be used in order to determine the specific curve. In the food sector it can be useful where an already hot product is needed and without then reheating the food that has killed nitrogen flow carbon dioxide flow already in temperature or to inert to cool or to heat to mix the product. Use heat treatments, dry ice cleaning.


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