Process tanks for liquid nitrogen are tanks in which processes are carried out using the cold of liquid nitrogen. The tanks have a capacity ranging from 100 liters to 22,000 liters of liquid nitrogen.

What are they for?

The main applications can be for cryogenic paint stripping: the frames covered with paint are immersed and the paint is embrittled, cooled, then with a small mechanical action such as shot blasting it is completely removed; the same is true for degumming, therefore making a cryogenic separation instead of removing the paint, it is possible to remove technopolymers such as polyurethane, nylon or elastomers, rubber. To recover waste products that otherwise would have to be sent to landfill, they can therefore be recovered and reused by making this cryogenic separation and the nitrogen tanks are used to cool and embrace the materials to be removed.

Other applications of the process tanks: for cleaning the printing rollers covered with rubber, for cleaning the anti-vibration mounts (such as the motor supports of cars) to which the rubber is removed; the plastic extruders to which the technopolymer is removed from the screw, when the production is changed, etc etc …


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